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            It wasn’t just one jolly old elf that brought smiles to the faces of College of Southern Maryland students this year, but rather a host of elves working and giving throughout the year to provide a little help and a lot of encouragement to those pursuing their academic and career goals.

            For the 2010-11 academic year, the CSM Foundation, the fundraising arm of the college, presented 142 students with more than $170,000 in scholarships.

             “This season of giving is an appropriate time to remember and thank our donors who have been giving all year to support our students,” said CSM Director of Development Martina Arnold.

            Among the recipients is Rachel Eaby, 20, of White Plains, who received the James C. Mitchell Nursing Scholarship for the last two years. In her third semester of nursing, Eaby has enjoyed her experiences both in the classroom and in clinical settings. “While the nursing program here is wonderful, when you add up the cost of tuition, textbooks and supplies such as stethoscopes, scrubs and other necessities, it can be quite expensive,” she said at the foundation’s Oct. 24 scholarship reception. “The nursing program takes a great deal of time. I have lecture twice a week as well as clinical which can vary from six to eight hours per day. So between class time and time devoted to studying, I’m not left with much time to work.” She appreciates the help she gets from her parents and the scholarship, she said.

            Another nursing student, Stephanie Rivers, 33, of Lexington Park told commissioners at the St. Mary’s County Government Scholarship reception Oct. 19 that she wouldn’t miss the opportunity to personally thank them for their generosity.

            In 2007, after the birth of her second son, Rivers decided to begin working toward a degree in nursing—initially taking one class at a time. After she completed the core courses, she petitioned and was accepted into CSM’s nursing program. “It is not easy doing clinical with a family,” Rivers said of the mandatory full days working in area hospitals alongside registered nurses. Once a week she and her 7-year-old son go to the Lexington Park library together to study. “It is our quality time together,” she said of their routine of quizzing each other with flash cards. “’What are the signs of a stroke?’ he might ask me,” Rivers said, admitting that he probably doesn’t even know what a stroke is. He is competitive though, she said, of her son counting the number of flash cards each of them correctly answers.

            It has been a difficult year academically, she admits, but one that is made easier by the emotional support she gets at home.  “I am lucky to have a supportive husband and the financial support from the CSM Foundation,” she said.

            St. Mary’s Commissioner Jack Russell told attendees at the Oct. 19 event that he, too, was a scholarship recipient while at the University of Maryland. “The money was great, but more importantly, it was the knowledge that somebody in the community had faith in me.”

            It was more than faith in his abilities that drove Daniel Underwood, 52, of Leonardtown back to school for training: it was necessity.

After working in construction for 28 years, Underwood learned he had developed health issues that would prevent him from continuing to work in the strenuous field he loved. He developed a plan that would allow him to work another 15 to 20 years in construction—this time as a manager.

Underwood admitted that he was intimidated by the thought of returning to school—and that his children thought he was too old for school didn’t help.

On his first day of class he sat behind a computer and didn’t know how to turn it on. “This is my only shot,” said Underwood. “If I go home because I get frustrated, I won’t have any options for my future.”

Underwood persevered. He has learned Auto-Cad 3-D, MS Project and EXCEL, and he types his multi-page research papers using Microsoft Word. Underwood is on track to graduate this spring and plans to pursue a bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland.

            Underwood received a scholarship from Marrick Homes, the grand tournament sponsor of the CSM Foundation Golf Classic held in August. Players and sponsors in the event raised more than $45,000 for scholarships, with Shelby Buckler, 18, of Lusby receiving a scholarship sponsored by the Showplace Arena Scholarship at the event.

            Playing volleyball and softball at Patuxent High School, Buckler is continuing her involvement with athletics at CSM while taking general education courses with the plan to transfer to study sports management. “I want to be around sports even if I don’t play professionally,” she said.

            Foundation Chair and Executive Vice President of Community Bank of Tri-County Greg Cockerham is an enthusiastic alum of CSM, saying that when he transferred to West Virginia University for his bachelor’s degree he felt CSM had prepared him well. As a scholarship donor, Cockerham said that it is important to him to give back to the community. He urged scholarship recipients at the Oct. 24 reception to remember ‘this’ feeling and to pass it on to future students once they are established and successful.

             Celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2010, the foundation manages more than 80 scholarships, adding 13 new scholarships this year alone.

            CSM students receiving scholarships, included:


CSM 2010-11 Foundation Scholarship Recipients


Albert L. Elder, Jr. Family Memorial Scholarship

Jeronda Williams

Erin Karnbach

Travis Roberts

Marie Turner Albert L. Elder, Jr. Family Memorial Scholarship


Anna Mae Ziencik Hess Memorial Scholarship

Rebecca Wills

Kelly Bailey

Eileen Thomas


Bill Wood Memorial Scholarship

Sandra Richardson


Brock Nikolas Guerrieri Memorial Scholarship

Ashley Loy


Charles County Technology Council Scholarship

Daniel Russ

Sabeeh Hameed


Charles County Woman's Club Scholarship

Doris Davis


Chiaramonte Hope Scholarship

Jeanette Owens

Mary Pyles

Keara Mitchell

April Garcia

Doris Davis

Anesha Evans

Nicole Hardesty

Michael Henson

Candice Molock

Jody Purcarey

Furqan Qureshi

Audrey Randall

Melissa Sewell

Shelly Siegel

Michelle Simonds

Teresa Tucker


CSM Foundation – Realize Your Potential

Heather Tolson

Willie McCoy

Kristy Kelly

Diana Benenati

David Burroughs

Alicia Carter

Janita Clayton-Floyd

Angela Faris

Sarah Gesl-Spencer

Kelsey Gieseler

Alisha Hackney

Darryl Johnson

Charlene Jones

Cierra Kennedy

Denise Lacey

Kathleen Moreland

Tiffany Price

Jammie Reedy

Melissa Richardson

Jamie Spaulding

Juanette Sullivan

Christopher Tilley

Jennifer Wagner


CSM Foundation Scholarship for Returning Adults

Kurobuboka Tamunoitekena

Margie Hunt

Ellen Scott

Ashley Hopkins

Jennifer Brooks

Mable Clay

Rune Horvik

Kelly Jackson

Brigette Morton

Jennifer Young


Debra L. Wyvill Teacher Education Scholarship

Maggie Quade


Fanny Louise Sullivan Sine Henderson Scholarship

Brigette Morton

Michelle Simonds


Gary Smith Memorial Scholarship

Ashleigh Barnes

Tatiana Mieux


Helen and Henry Lawlor Scholarship

Erica Martin


Helen and Mickey Todd Scholarship

Gabriela Amaya

Ashleigh Barnes

Ashley Lagana


Jack Love Sprague Scholarship

Pamela Sheridan


James Mitchell Nursing Scholarship

Rachel Eaby

Kimberly Hemsley

Erica Rancore


Jane Hale Sypher Scholarship

Tikisha Hall


L.K. Farrall III Memorial Scholarship

Heather Tolson


La Plata Lions Club/Milton M. Somers Scholarship

Audrey Moreland

Sarah Gesl-Spencer


LaVerda Francis and Richard Blair Scholarship

Jeanette Owens

Tara Puliatti


Maurice J. McDonough Scholarship Endowment

Stephanie Hicks


Neale Chaney Slater Memorial Scholarship

Lenyk Scott

Elizabeth Jenkins


Nu Zeta Omega Scholarship

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