CSM Sponsors Annual Black History Essay Contest

Contest open to Tri-County High School Juniors, Seniors; Deadline, Feb. 25

            The College of Southern Maryland celebrates black history during February with its annual essay contest, sponsored by the college’s diversity and equal opportunity department.

The contest is open to tri-county high school juniors and seniors.  Students who are interested in participating in the contest must submit their essay by Feb. 25.  The winner of CSM’s Black History Month Essay Contest will receive a $500 performance award toward attendance at CSM.

Patrick Allen, chair of CSM’s social sciences, human services and teacher education division; Edith Patterson, director of CSM’s educational talent search and Ken Glassman, CSM professor of business, economics, and legal studies are the original contest judges and continue to serve in this capacity. Gladys Jones, director of administrative services for the Prince Frederick Campus, will also serve as a judge.

“The essay contest continues to serve as a venue to allow students to express their personal views on the merits of observing black history and the many contributions of African- Americans. Throughout the years, the participants and winners consistently represent the diversity of our community,” said Patterson.

To compete, participants are asked to write an original essay of at least 500 words that responds to one of the following questions:

·        America is often referred to as a mosaic of many cultures and people.  Why is it important to understand and value diversity in America?

·        Dr. Martin Luther King had a dream of America; he believed that equality and justice would eventually be enjoyed by all Americans, regardless of the color of skin. With the election of President Barack Obama, has Dr. King’s dream been fulfilled? Why or why not?

·        Most leaders in our community say that many of our social problems will be resolved by education. How will a college education benefit you?

·        Why is it important to learn about the history of African Americans?

Essays must be typed, double-spaced and free of grammatical and syntax errors. Submissions will be judged on the content, clarity and coherence of the topic as it is expressed throughout the essay. Essays need to include a title page which lists the title of the student’s paper, school of attendance, and the student’s contact information including address and telephone number.

Entries must be submitted by Feb. 25 to the College of Southern Maryland, Black History Month Essay Contest, c/o Robyn Wood (DIV), 8730 Mitchell Rd., Md. 20646-0910. For information, call 301-934-7659, 301-884-8131, Ext. 7659 or 301-870-3008, Ext. 7659 or visit www.csmd.edu.



CSM Black History Month Essay Contest. Deadline Feb. 25, Tri-county high school juniors and seniors are invited to participate in the annual CSM black history month essay contest, sponsored by the College of Southern Maryland, Diversity and Equal Opportunity Department. The winner will receive a performance award to attend CSM. Send submissions to: CSM, Black History Month Essay Contest, c/o Robyn Wood (DIV) 8730 Mitchell Rd., La Plata, MD 20646-0910. For information and essay topics, 301-934-7659. 301-884-8131 Ext. 7659 or 301-870-3008, Ext. 7659 or visit www.csmd.edu.



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